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Search Engine Placement 4U.com is leading the way with the most cost effective Internet Advertising and Marketing programs. The future and the success of your business depend on developing cost effective marketing programs using the Internet. The Internet is the future.

Search Engine Placement
At Search Engine Placement 4U.com we use our expertise and technological know-how to get top search engine placement. Search Engine Placement is an effective way to generate Web site traffic and enjoys a substantial competitive advantage over Search Engine keyword advertising. Dramatically increase the number of visitors to your site by harnessing the traffic potential of the major search engines.

Merchant Associate Program
Search Engine Placement 4U.com's MAP enables web & technology professionals to offer powerful Internet advertising services sold under their own brand name. As a Merchant you will receive a significant portion of all sales through your online storefront. No software investments are required as Search Engine Placement 4U.com will set you up with a fully functional e-commerce system which includes the use of our credit card processing, Health Square CRM, and accounting resources. Get on the MAP - show your clients our outstanding results and encourage them to make purchases from your extensive line of Internet Advertising Services!

Pay Per Visitor Engine
The Newspapers, Television and Radio are ALL merging with the Internet. Internet Display advertising is the media foundation of the future. Pay per Impression display advertising is too frivolous for the electronic age. The answer is a more targeted medium that directs visitors to your site that are interested in your product or business. Search engines have led the way in Pay Per Visitor advertising, but they have gotten too costly at $1.50 per click or more. The answer is Pay Per Visitor display advertising with your ad copy. Search Engine Placement 4U.com offers a more effective and LOW COST Pay Per Visitor Engine that offers the most cost effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase your profits and sales.

Affiliate Tracking
Use our powerful network to build an army of commissioned referral Web sites that send business to you. Building tools and complete administration is handled by Search Engine Placement 4U.com.

Mail Power
Email Marketing is the most cost effective means of reaching your target market. We have extremely effective programs that both increase your sales and profits. We can accomplish this using OPT-IN LIST TARGET MARKETING - This method utilizes Mail-Power's extensive double opt-in email lists to prospect and reach new customers. Further, our - INTERNAL LIST MANAGEMENT AND MAILING program which uses - your internally generated lists and makes communicating with them inexpensive, easy and effective.

World Power
Search Engine Placement 4U.com's World Power translation, optimization and submission services gives clients who have a world wide perspective an opportunity to build an Internet presence in countries all over the world. We offer packages that target specific countries and individual language groups. These modestly priced packages includes human translation of one main page of your site and focused marketing in one country.

Conversion Consultants
Are you getting more traffic to your Web site than you ever thought you would but your company is still not seeing more revenue? Our professional Conversion Consultants will help you convert Web site traffic into profit. One of the difficulties Web entrepreneurs face is turning traffic into product sales or leads. Search Engine Placement 4U.com has extensive experience in marketing successful Internet businesses and can help you create a more profitable business on the Web.

For more information on our marketing tools, just click on the "Services" link above or click on any of the products of interest in the "Marketing Tools" navigation bar located on the right.

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