Search Engine Placement 4U.com is one of the largest and most research intensive search engine placement firms in the world. Here at Search Engine Placement 4U.com we strive to give our clients top positioning in the major search engines through use of our proprietary technology. Search Engine Placement 4U.com is continuously researching search engine trends and consequently modifying our customized proprietary software to ensure top results for our clients.

Search Engine Placement 4U.com is considered a key provider of:

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Merchant Associate Program or MAP designed for Web Professionals
  • The Pay Per Visitor Network or PPV
  • Affiliate Tracking Network
  • World Power Web site Translation Services, generated by Human Translation
  • Conversion Consulting Services

Search Engine Placement 4U.com is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing companies in the world. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and technical skills and we currently have about 200 outstanding employees based in two offices in Las Vegas, NV. In addition to approximately 50 search engine consultants, we have several divisions including an in-house software development department and a growing research department.

Search Engine Placement 4U.com belongs to several professional organizations.



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