Learn how to build your business over the Internet with the following products:

Search Engine Placement
Get visibility from all the search engines for your Web site. Your site deserves the extraordinary Web traffic that our clients enjoy. Our staff of developers and specialists can go to work right now to get your Web site top positioning.

Merchant Associate Program

Webmasters, Web Hosting companies, Internet Portals, and Internet malls can use our e-commerce package to build their Web site traffic. They can earn substantial profits by selling our promotion services under their name. All the work and accounting is done by Search Engine Placement 4U.com.

Pay Per Visitor Engine
Search Engine Placement 4U.com owns the fastest growing and most powerful Pay Per Visitor Engine on the Internet. Forget paying for banner impressions! Our clients only pay for an INTERESTED visitor. Impressions are FREE. Our in house developers designed the network and we are exploding. Within 12 months we expect to surpass all others and be the largest source of pertinent highly directed clicks on the Internet.

Affiliate Tracking

Use Search Engine Placement 4U.com's massive Affiliate Tracking network to build an army of commissioned referral web sites that send business to you. You determine the commission structure. You can introduce unlimited numbers of new referrers in related businesses. Tools to help you acquire and sign up affiliates are provided free of charge. Complete administration including check writing is handled by Search Engine Placement 4U.com.

World Power
Search Engine Placement 4U.com's World Power translation, optimization and submission services gives clients who have a world wide perspective an opportunity to build an Internet presence in countries all over the world. We offer packages that target specific countries and individual language groups. These modestly priced packages includes human translation of one main page of your site and focused marketing in one country.

Conversion Consulting Services
Search Engine Placement 4U.com has extensive experience in marketing successful Web businesses. We have found that two of the most important components in making a Web business profitable are traffic and conversion.

International Representatives
Search Engine Placement 4U.com is seeking marketing representatives in countries throughout the world. These representatives can tap our huge lead base and product skills to build a strong Internet presence around the world.

TrafficPost Newsletter
Search Engine Placement 4U.com's search engine placement newsletter is designed to help our clients develop a comprehensive search engine ranking strategy and keep up with the ever changing world of search engine placement.



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